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Carolina Barbell Strength and Performance Gym


About the Gym

Carolina Barbell is a 24 Hour Strength and Performance Gym in downtown Aberdeen NC. We run as an open gym format so members can train however they want, whenever they want. Whether that is for a specific strength sport, or for general fitness and well-being. 

Our 5000+ square foot training facility has competition platforms, specialty bars, powerlifting and olympic weightlifting equipment, functional fitness & general strength training equipment, 60 ft turf with sleds and prowlers, peg board, 20ft+ climbing rope, rowers, ski ergs, tredmill, stairmill, and bikes.

We have Strongman implements such as yokes, logs, circus dumbbells, atlas stones, loadable mouser block, husafell, axle bars, kegs, sandbags, conan’s wheel. We also have cable machines, two dumbbell areas with dumbbells up to 160lbs, and other bodybuilding style equipment.

We have the basics covered and lots of unique training equipment you won’t find at many gyms. We have a cap on our maximum number of members, in order to keep the facility from being crowded. 

We also have a non-staffed kid room with TV and toys for your kids to hang out in while you train.


 Strongman / Strongwoman Training



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Olympic Weightlifting


Bodybuilding / General Strength

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Conditioning / General Fitness


Join Our Community

Carolina Barbell Membership Options

  • $85 per month with a one 1 year commitment. This gives you unlimited 24 hour key card access to the gym.

  • $110 per month, with a month to month commitment. 24 hour key card access.

  • $510 - 6 Month Membership, Paid in Full - (comes out to $85/month)

  • $300 - 3 Month Membership, Paid in Full

  • $120 Ten (10) Day Pass PunchCard

  (Contact us for availability for these options)

  • $15 Drop-in Day Pass

  • $35 One Week Pass, 24 hr access


Kids Are Always Welcome

Got kids, but you still need to get your workout in? Bring them with! We have a non-staffed kid room for all youth ages. Kids are welcome at anytime, so you’re not restriced to only working out during certain hours. Our kid room has windows on 3 sides and is located centrally in the gym, so you can easily check on your kids. There are toys and a TV with netflix and youtube to help keep them entertained while you train. We also have a diaper changing station in the bathroom for the littlest kiddos.

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Hours of Operation

24hr Member Access

New Memberships and Drop-ins are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please Contact us to set up a time if you are interested, or would like to tour the gym. We do not have scheduled Staffed Hours.



Get In Touch

105 E South St. Aberdeen, NC

Call or Text 612-743-6014

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Strength Is Never a Weakness

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