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      This Program focuses on Strongman events with a Hypertrophy "Bodybuilding" aspect in mind.

This  program is designed to build strength and improve speed in the Strongman/Strongwoman events, while still incorporating  isolated movments to cause hypertrophy.

It is not for beginers. It's assuming you have at least a year of training and know how to Squat, Bench,Deadlift and Over Head Press.  The main lifts are mostly Strongman Events i.e. Yoke, Atlas Stones..ect.. If you are not familiar with Strongman events, don't worry. there are many YouTube "how to" videos out there.  You should have access to a Yoke, Sandbags, Barbells and Dumbbells at a minimum. Ideally you will want Farmers Handles, Atlas Stones, Log, Yoke, Sandbags, Axle Bar, Trap bar.         **This program is 4 days a week for 12 weeks**     

12 Week Strongman Bodybuilding Program

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